The Satori Reader Beta Has Officially Started

I’m thrilled to announce that we have kicked off the public beta for Satori Reader! We’ve sent out the first batch of invites to people who signed up in early September (in first come, first served order), and we will be gradually ramping up to greater volumes over the next several weeks as we make sure everything is working properly (the last thing we want is to have an unanticipated issue affect thousands of people right out of the gate).

If you’ve already signed up, please watch your inbox over the next several weeks. We hope to be bringing in large volumes of people by mid-January.

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so at

We’re really looking forward to your feedback. Thank you again and see you in the beta!


Human Japanese 3.0 for Windows Desktop now available

We are very proud to announce that after more than seven years, Human Japanese for Windows Desktop has received a major overhaul and is ready for download. This update brings the app up-to-speed with the features we’ve introduced more recently in Intermediate, such as chapter-unlocking quizzes, full-screen photos, Ingredients™ example sentence breakdowns, and more.

If you’re not using Human Japanese yet, download a free trial here. We think you’ll like what you see.

And if you already own a copy of Human Japanese 2.0 for Windows Desktop, great news — this is a free update! Just have your original activation code ready to go and use this wizard to get started.

Helping you reach your language goals is what drives us, and we hope this new update will keep you energized and inspired on your journey. Thank you for your support, and best wishes on your continuing journey!







Human Japanese for Windows 8 now available!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Human Japanese is now available as a Modern UI application on Windows 8. If you’ve got a shiny new Win 8 tablet and have been wishing for an edition of Human Japanese tailored to its unique OS, cruise on over to the Windows Store and download a free trial today.

Human Japanese for Windows 8 has all the great content of the edition for traditional desktop PC, but we’ve redesigned it to present a fantastic full-screen, hi-resolution experience on any device.

We’ve also incorporated features we developed for HJ Intermediate, such as Ingredients™, which allows you to see an instantaneous breakdown of every word in example sentences, including conjugated forms!

Thank you to everyone at Microsoft and Photon NYC for your help in making this happen, and to our loyal fans for your support!

Now get out there and learn some Japanese!








Human Japanese Intro Refresh Status Report: March 2014

Hello, everyone. Brian here again with your monthly update on our Human Japanese Intro refresh project. We have some very exciting news: We are preparing to submit a totally revamped version of the iPad app tonight. That means you should see it on the App Store in as little as a week or so.

Following hot on the heels of the iPad app are the iPhone and Android editions, which we aim to have done this month.

In parallel, we’ve been working with Microsoft on a Windows 8 edition of both Intro and Intermediate, and we are very excited about the progress we’re making there. Many of you have written in to ask about support for your super hi-res Win 8 tablets and laptops, and we can assure you that the app will look spectacular on any screen. No timeframe for these quite yet, but they are a top priority for us, so expect to hear more in coming updates.

We’re working hard to deliver the best possible Japanese learning experience to you. As always, thank you for your support!

Human Japanese Intro Refresh Status Report: February 2014

Hello, everyone. Brian here with your status update on Human Japanese. Now that we’ve rolled Intermediate out to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android (with Windows 8 on the way soon), we have turned our attention to modernizing our Intro app. We know this has been a long time coming, especially for those of you using the app on PC, iPhone, and Android. Rest assured–a complete refresh is on the way!

In this update, we will be bringing many of the new technologies we developed for Intermediate to Intro. That includes:

  • Better quizzes, including chapter reviews for every chapter.
  • User profiles, experience points, and so on.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Ingredients™, our instantaneous sentence breakdown feature on all example sentences.
  • High resolution photos and illustrations throughout.
  • Much better layout across all Android devices.
  • Full screen photo viewer, with expanded photos and cultural note sections.

Quite an update! And it will of course be free to all existing Intro owners.

As of this writing, we have working alpha versions and we are feverishly working to wrap up edits, proofreading, quiz creation, and so on. We believe we’re on track to start rolling out the updated apps in early springtime, maybe sooner.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far. We can’t wait to show you the new Human Japanese Intro. Stay tuned!

Human Japanese Intermediate for Android is released!

Hey, Human Japanese fans! I’m very happy to announce that we have released Human Japanese Intermediate for Android. Available today in the Google Play store, you can download it from these links:

Human Japanese Intermediate for Android is packed with:

  • More than 40 illuminating chapters
  • Over 2600 example sentences and dialogs with crystal-clear recordings of male and female speech
  • Nearly 3900 crystal clear recordings altogether
  • Kanji animations, tips, illustrations, and more
  • Photos and cultural notes to keep you engaged and energized
  • Intelligent quizzes that track your history and help you focus on trouble spots
  • INGREDIENTS™ example sentence breakdowns for total clarity in every example
  • A U.S. patent-pending system that automatically adjusts the “spelling” of words in example sentences to use kana, kanji, or kanji with furigana on top as appropriate to your current knowledge.

Here are a few pics:

Users are loving the app. One called it “a magic carpet into the fabulous world of Japanese.” Another says that “the content is even better than its predecessor. I’m three chapters in and it’s just wonderful. I can’ say enough good things about the author and the way that the Japanese language is presented.”

We think you’ll love Human Japanese Intermediate too. Download it today and take it for a spin!