Satori Reader Update: March 2018

Hello, everyone! Brian from Human Japanese / Satori Reader here. It is hard to believe so much time has passed since our last update here. We have been busy! I wanted to give you a progress report and announce an exciting new partnership.

We have been working hard on publishing high-quality content every week, and I’m proud to say that we have just passed 300 published articles! In addition to ongoing stories such as Koibito and The River Sanzu, we’re excited to announce three new series that will be starting soon: Secret, a murder mystery; Closeup: Obon Society, a documentary about an organization that works to heal the wounds of World War II, and Hole in the Wall, an adorable story about a mouse named Chuuya who makes friends with a little girl named Kumiko. Secret and Closeup: Obon Society start in March and April, respectively, so stay tuned!

Kanshudo Import
Another exciting development is that we now support kanji import from Kanshudo, a site dedicated to learning and drilling kanji. With import in place, any kanji you learn in Kanshudo will automatically be added to your known characters in Satori Reader, so that articles you read here will always reflect your current kanji knowledge.

If you already use Kanshudo, simply go here to retrieve an API key, and then go here to set up the import in Satori Reader.

If you haven’t yet tried Kanshudo, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s a comprehensive tool with unique features such as a cascading breakdown of the components in each character you learn, as well as a multitude of different games and mini-reviews to drill them. Check out the site for free, and if you decide you like it, use coupon code SR18-YE-METN to get 20% off your first 3 months, or 15% off an annual subscription.

Native Apps
Finally, an update on the forthcoming native Satori Reader apps for Android and iOS. It’s taken a little longer than we expected, but we’re making solid progress. Data synchronization—the bit that lets you use the app offline and then sync all your data when you have a connection again—has been challenging, but it is basically done now, and we are now working on making sure the overall experience is a smooth one. So please hang in there a bit longer—it is coming!

As always, we sincerely thank you for being part of Satori Reader. It’s your support that makes this site possible. Thank you, and let’s keep studying Japanese together!


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