Satori Reader: April Update

Hi, everyone. Brian here with a quick update on Satori Reader.

Since launching in beta last December, we’re grateful to have received tons of fantastic feedback from the thousands of people who’ve used Satori Reader so far. It has helped us to shape and improve the user experience, and we look forward to continuing to refine the site over the coming weeks and months.

We’ve also been working hard to publish content. We’re up to 29 published articles (41 if you count both difficulties of articles that come in multiple difficulty editions) and have literally hundreds more in the pipeline. Because we annotate our articles so thoroughly, including not just word definitions, but conjugated word forms, compound words and expressions, and even explanatory notes on things that might be challenging to understand, it takes quite a bit of work for each article we publish. But with each article, we refine our process and get a little better and a little faster. Our goal is to deliver what you truly need to read, understand, and grow in your Japanese.

Today, we sent out another batch of 1000 invitations. If you signed up before about March 20, you should have yours by now. If you haven’t yet signed up, head over to to join the beta.

Thanks again for your support, and see you inside the beta!

The mobile view of the News series.

The mobile view of a typical article.


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