Satori Reader Update

Hello, everyone! Brian here with an update on the progress of Satori Reader.

Over the past month, we’ve created dozens of articles spanning many different topics and styles of communication, including news, essays, dialogs, personal journal entries, and even an email thread between a couple in a long-distance relationship. We’re working hard to show you examples of all kinds of real-world Japanese.

All of our articles come fully annotated, with both per-word and per-sentence notes. And these aren’t machine-generated annotations—we know the difference, for example, between the no of possession and the no of nominalization. Notes reflect how words and expressions are actually being used in the current context.

We’ve also been recording audio for every article. And many of the articles are even available in multiple difficulty levels!

Getting the site itself ready while simultaneously preparing all this content has taken longer than we expected, but we’re getting close. We’ve very excited to get your feedback.

Hang in there a bit longer — we’re almost there!


6 thoughts on “Satori Reader Update”

    1. We think we’re on track for that. We’ll post another update near the end of this month. We’re making great progress. Hang in there!


  1. Hi Brian,
    If we received this update via email, does that mean we have been selected for the beta?

    Really looking forward to this!!!


    1. Hello, Daniel. We’re going to bring as many people in as we can, as soon as we can. If you’ve signed up for the beta, you’ll get an invite. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!


    1. Hello, Dejan. Yes, Satori Reader will require an internet connection, but in its native app versions, we might have a option to download content in advance for offline use. Yes, it will be a subscription-based application (though the beta will be free for everyone).


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