Tokyo Favorite Places is live!

Last spring, I was fortunate to spend ten weeks in Tokyo along with another member of the Human Japanese team. Though we both travel to Japan regularly, it had been a long time since either of us had spent such a long stretch in Tokyo, and it was great to be back.

Having daily access to all the things that make Japan wonderful–the fantastic food everywhere you go, the easy rail transport, the clean and walkable cityscapes, the friendly people–was awesome, and we both enjoyed our time immensely. (Your friendly author was caught indulging his vice and sneaking off to the local karaoke box alone–“so as to maximize singing time”–not once but on several different occasions during  the stint.)

A big part of our purpose there was to do research for an upcoming project. We’ve woven much of that work into a series of articles, complete with photos, videos, and maps, on twelve of our favorite places in the Tokyo area. These are fun locations to spend a few hours or a full day. Some are the tourist-packed spots you might find in your favorite guidebook, while others are a little quieter and offer slice-of-life glimpses of everyday Tokyo.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or reminiscing about your last one, we hope you’ll enjoy the series. Take a look at and let us know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Favorite Places is live!”

  1. 10 weeks sounds like enough time to enjoy a lot of interesting things in Tokyo and wow, I got the post in my RSS feed and while I was reading found “a big part of our purpose there was to do research for an upcoming project” and got me excited so I came here to say it.
    Keep the good work, guys!


  2. It’s always fun to go to Japan. You get to have your Japanese fix for karaoke, food, electronics, and what not. Tokyo is a very busy city, and has so many places for tourists, visitors, and businessmen to socialize and have fun. Ten weeks in Tokyo, you’re one lucky blogger. Bet it was hard to leave that place after all that you’ve experienced. Thanks for sharing!


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